What is "colorswell handmade design"

How everything started

In 2015 we spent our holidays in Ericeira - Portugal. The small fishing village 30 minutes from Lisbon is known for constant surfing conditions and is visited by many surfers from all over the world. Unfortunately the swell, with its waves also brings a lot of bad things to the beaches of the Atlantic coastline. At the beginning we were very surprised how much rubbish was washed up and then we began to collect the many plastic bottles, straws, plastic bags, flip-flops, etc. This became our side business during our three week vacation, as the waves were always washing new waste on the beach. What we noticed again and again, however, were the colorful ropes and nets, which were also washed ashore. They fell into our hands in so many different colours and sizes and one of them turned into a bracelet, which in the beginning was only meant as a memory for the holiday.

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Why "colorswell"

This little "memory" quickly turned into a bracelet with a clasp. We liked our small accessories so much that we continued to explore. So after the bracelet there was a key chain and then a foot bracelet. We received a lot of positive feedback from friends who also wanted to own such a bracelet. Our little project was born and the only thing we needed was a name. In short, the swell brings the colorful raw material and colorswell handmade design was born. In 2017 colorswell was registered as a trademark and our little start up has been taking its course since then. 

Rethinking brings change

The more we started with colorswell, the more we became aware of many other points. Starting with all the rubbish and the plastic floods that can be found in the oceans, our wasteful consumption and of course climate change. Above all, we were not aware of the waste problem to this extent, and we think that many people are doing the same. Packaging has become so normal and it is really difficult to buy packaging free in many places. An absolutely senseless example is peeled oranges, which are then packaged in plastic, and that is just one example. We deliberately questioned our purchasing behaviour and searched for alternatives. Today we do things differently and buy a lot less plastic than before. We want to share these changes and show how easy it is to change your behaviour positively. Because it really isn't that difficult. 

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Our Mission

A lot of interesting things have happened in our lives since 2017. We live a bit more eco-friendly every day and always learn something new. We want to share our experiences and help others reduce waste and become more climate-neutral. We are very concerned about the current ecological problems and we believe that we can easily solve many challenges if we want to. We like the fact that students go out on the streets today and demonstrate for their future, and it also shows that there is a will!


We have to start to question our behaviour ourselves and better understand the very complex environmental events in order to fight together for a future worth living. We have only this one planet!